Dare to walk with kings of wild?

‘Malibongwe Dr’ neither sounds glamorous like Las Vegas or Miami, nor as popular as Paris and Switzerland. Although it can grab attention of adventure lovers. Malibongwe Dr is just a simple outskirt located in Gauteng province in Johannesburg, South Africa. But South Africa’s one of most amazing park is in here, The ‘ Lion Park’.

Lion park is a nearly 500 acres wildlife conservation center which is merely known as the home of African Lions, Cheetahs, wild dogs, impala, springbok, zebra etc. But the most exciting things offered by the Lion Park is the Interaction with lions and cheetah.

It is located nearly Lanseria airport and within accessible distance from Johannesburg and Pretoria. Lion Park was inducted into the ‘ Hall Of Fame’ after winning the Trip Advisors ‘Certificate of Excellence Award’ for five consecutive years.


  • Guided day drives
  • Guided night tours
  • Special tours (includes Lion walks & walk with Cheetah )
  • Feed the Giraffe, Feed the Ostriches.

Except those they also offer some exclusive private tours which should be booked in advance.


An entry fee of the park is 160 ZAR (refer exchange rate for equivalent amount in your country’s currency) for adults which don’t include the interaction with animals. So if you want an interaction you have to spend 200 ZAR. For the children of age 4-12 the rates are 90 ZAR (excluding interaction) and 110 ZAR (including interaction) respectively.

Guided game drive :

In this 1 hour the trained guide of the Lion Park provide you the information and facts about the wildlife as you driven along the Buck trail, and into the lion, cheetah and wild dogs camps. You can witness some rare and breathtaking moments through the drive which you had seen before in National Geography or Animal Planet. The entry fee of 160 ZAR includes the guided game drive and access of other Cub World Animals. The guided night tours includes the same as day drive, only you can witness the predators at sunset.

Special Tours ( walk with Lions and cheetah ) :

This tour needs an advance booking which costs 600 ZAR per person. Children are not allowed in this. Persons with minimum weight of 50 kgs and at least age of 16 years are allowed in this thrilling tour. You can walk with young lions in their natural surrounding and can experience a life time opportunity to take photo with them. You will be accompanied by two experienced guide.

The cheetah walk costs 500 ZAR for each scheduled daily at 9 AM to 4:30 PM.

Feeding of Giraffe and Ostrich :

By paying only 30 ZAR you can enjoy a face to face encounter with the world’s largest birds and giraffes, and get a chance to touch them.

Other things :

Lion Park has its own Curio shop with extensive verity of African crafts, where you can something interesting to buy for your friends and relatives. They have good collection of quality crafts such as wooden African tribal masks, crafted ostrich’s eggs , Lamp shade made of bones, horns, eggs of ostrich, cushion covers, hand bags made of dead animals skins and fur etc are in reasonable price.

If you are fond of music or love to read books then don’t miss the chance to get some CDs, DVDs and books available in the store from all over Africa. Worried about the gifts of your little one? They have a wide verity of clothes, toys, educational stationeries inspired by African theme for kids.

Restaurants and Accommodation:

Lion Park has its own Food Court. It includes restaurants, kiosk, bar etc. You will also get wildlife accommodation in large semi luxury safari tent if you want to stay overnight. It costs 650 ZAR per night per person.


  • Drinkers are completely prohibited in the park.
  • Lion cubs are very playful and mischievous (think of your little naughty one). So they can scratch or bite you while interacting with them. Don’t worry they all are vaccinated.
  • Don’t scream, shout or jump in the enclosure of lion cubs and cheetah while you are interacting, because it makes them annoyed and excited.
  • Try to obey your instructor.
  • Give your camera to the guide to capture some rare moments with the animals or can also hire a photographer from the photographic center of the park.
  • Don’t touch them while they are drinking water.
  • Don’t even dare to take a selfie with them.
  • While encountering with cheetah don’t touch their paw and tail (it hurts their prestige).
  • Pat them firmly, your soft touch can generate tickling sensation in them.

So are you ready to accept a royal invitation in wild king’s kingdom? Go and watch out yourself.


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