In my childhood I had participated in a drawing competition. As all the participants were children the authority had decided to give consolation prize to all instead of declaring first, second and third. The prize was a huge wall poster. In that poster there was a bright red colour train running through a green valley spread over the horizon and behind the valley there was a snow-covered mountain. The mesmerizing effect of that picture was captured in my mind for many years and along with time it dived deep in some corner of my unconscious mind. But suddenly the years long forgotten picture spreaded over my conscious mind when I stepped over a picturesque small station of Switzerland from the SBB train. Yes it was Interlaken, a piece of heaven on human land.IMG_3551Interlaken is a small hilly town in the Swiss canton Of Bern in the lap of Swiss Alps. It is located between the two lakes named Thun and Brienz, and alongside Aare River which is flowing between those two lakes. Interlaken is mostly visited by those tourists who are willing to go to Jungfraujoch, popularly known as ‘Top Of Europe’. As Interlaken is located in the foot hill of Alps, it is used as the Gateway of Jungfraujoch.

IMG_3800But Interlaken itself has its own magnificent attraction to the tourist over the world because of its indefinable panoramic beauty and calmness. When in the darkest of night under the starry sky I was standing on the bank of Aare, I felt that the search of tranquillity ended over here.

As very few people lives in that town it is an extremely peaceful place for the tourists. At the evening when all shops are getting closed but still I Could see the shop artefacts through the broad glass windows I had imagined myself standing in a wonderland. In that tranquil evening when the setting Sun put the Golden crown on the crest of the Alps along with the sound of passing train over the river bridge and the harmonious sound of church bell creates a magical effects over the land. As the time passes the restaurants are getting busy with gourmets and food lovers.

The town is completely planned to accomplish the needs of the tourists. Hotels, restaurants, gorgeous souvenir shops, expensive Swiss watch and cuckoo clock shops luxurious Swiss chocolate boutique are the integral part of the town.


On the next day morning we had a train to jangfraujoch from Interlaken Ost. So I woke up at early in the morning and as I drew the curtain again I was stunned by saw the view of rising Sun over the snow glazed ridges of Alps. We had started our journey from Interlaken Ost to Jungfraujoch.

IMG_3864Gradually the train started to climb the mountain and it made its way through the picturesque Alpine forest. Though it was spring the semi melted snow was covered the both side of rail lines .At Lauterbrunnen we had changed the train and boarded a striking red train with cosy comfortable seats. The train passed through Wengen, which was preparing to host the Alpine Ski World Cup. Suddenly the train took a sharp ascent after Kleine Scheidegg station.

IMG_3675In middle of the journey while the train was taking sharp meandering course, we looked down and we had witnessed an unforgettable scenery, which was exactly like my wall poster. Another SBB train which had started its journey behind ours was looking awesome in the snow covered valley.

IMG_3694The journey was more exciting as the train was passed through long tunnels and there were some view points from where tourists could take snap of different views of Alpine Ranges.

IMG_3780After an hour long journey at last we reached at Jungfraujoch Ice Park and Sphinx Observatory which is connected to the Rail station by a glass elevator.There is a museum in the ice Park where the models are curved out of ice blocks, and the huge walls of the park are telling us the story of the Jungfraujoch through numerous paintings.

IMG_3768After keeping our bags in the locker we reached the observatory by the elevator and as we stepped out of the elevator we were spellbound by the view of snow glazed Alpine ranges under the clear blue sky. The fresh chilled air was biting my face and prickling my nose while I was taking breath. The observatory is curved out of the mountain, so the massive walls of the observatory are made of rocks.

IMG_3747After taking a number of snapshots from the open platform of the top of the observatory. We came down and entered in the kingdom of snow. Yes, I was standing on the lap of Alps. Although my jeans were completely wet and I breathed hard due to high altitudes, by ignoring that I laid down on the fluffy bed of snow.

IMG_3824The tourists came from various countries around the world, chatting and playing with each other without knowing each other, some were skiing, and the whole atmosphere was complemented by the colour of cosmopoly and international brotherhood. Two British guys and a girl challenged us for snow fight. So we played with them. After the winning shot, I felt my hunger and I told my husband. He just rushed towards the Bistro. Now I guess he was hungrier than me. On the top floor of the observatory there was an Indian restaurant, but unfortunately it was closed when we reached there.


After our lunch we bought some chocolates and souvenirs quickly as we were in hurry to catch our connecting train to Lucerne. I boarded train to Lucerne with a heavy heart, on one hand it was full of satisfaction and on other hand I felt pain as I was leaving something very special. My husband consoled me by saying that we will visit new places and will gather new experiences. Within these two years I have visited many places along with abroad locations and gained unique experiences in each, yet I feel those words couldn’t console me. I had spent just a single day over Interlaken and Jangfraujoch. But the hangover was so strong that I could not get rid of that.

IMG_3498After two years still when I closed my eyes, I can easily recall each moments of Interlaken and Jungfrau. It was just like a dream come true which I really made come true by planning hard by planning for a long period of six months over internet. I saw a poster and I achieved it by witnessing it live, a treasure which stays deep in my heart as long as I live.



  1. Wow!! Really interesting n detailed indeed.Loved to read your description filled with ur deep thoughts…Must say it is simply fantastic.Keep up the good work.


  2. Wonderful post and lovely photos. Have been writing about our trip to Switzerland this past summer on the blog so have a look but the sentiments that you share about the country and especially this region are the same. We didn’t spend time in Interlaken but stayed in Lauterbrunnen and explored the area including Jungfraujoch and loved every bit of it.

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